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Nathaniel Willson

     Nathaniel Willson is an experienced and knowledgeable professional  freelance photographer based out of Seattle  WA. His photographic career  started more then a decade ago as an undergraduate earning his BA in Art    at Willamette University in Salem OR. Nathaniel continued on and obtained a  Commercial Photography degree from  the Art Institute of Seattle. Nathaniel  photographs all genres of the photographic world, though he specialises in  art, architecture, and documentation. He is interested in all aspects of photography and  enjoys exploring new facets  of the industry as often as possible.

     Most recently Nathaniel works for Seattle bases artist Dale Chihuly. and has a contract with the Seattle Art    Museum photographing pieces of art and documenting all of their exhibits, such as "Target Practice: Painting  Under  Attack 1949-78 publication" and the exhibits Michelangelo Public and Private,Alexander Calder: A  Balancing  ActEverything Under the Sun: Photographs by Imogen  CunninghamTarget Practice: Painting Under Attack and  others. Nathaniel works with local artist documenting object, shows and taking portraits.

     Nathaniel loves to travel and is always seeking opportunities to fly (or drive). He most  recently spent 6 nights camping and hiking in Glacier National Park. His next international trip is to Nepal with his wife. Last international trip was to Oaxaca Mexico. Donating his photographic services  to the small non-profit Monos de Vida with whom his close friend is  affiliated. And before that he traveled to the Dominican Republic to spend  time and document the work of other close friends in the Peace Corp.